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Automobile generator why hot
} Time:2017-05-25 06-45-18

When the machine is running, it will generate different degrees of heat. The generator is no exception. The heat of automotive generator mainly comes from the heat generated by the internal resistance of the stator coil of the generator while the heat transmitted by the engine to the generator is very little. The temperature of the generator itself is very high, so it is impossible for the engine to conduct heat to the generator again, unless the temperature of the engine exceeds the temperature of the generator a lot. Therefore, the heat generated by generators is usually generated by themselves, and the heat generated by generators is also normal. But there are many reasons for generator fever.

Reason analysis of generator heating: Any power supply has internal resistance. The larger the output current, the smaller the internal resistance. Internal resistance can be seen as a load in series in a circuit. According to the power formula P = I ^ 2R, that is, the power is proportional to the square of the current and proportional to the resistance. As long as the generator is in the output state of power generation, its internal resistance will consume part of the power and be expressed in the form of heat.

The larger the power of automobile generator, the smaller the internal resistance in general. Under the same current output conditions, the less easy it is to heat. If a generator generates electricity normally but produces serious heat, if another generator with much greater power is replaced, the phenomenon of heating will be much less.

In recent years, copper prices have risen sharply. Aluminum wire is used in some power plants. Because the conductivity of aluminium is worse than that of copper, the internal resistance of aluminium wire generators is naturally higher than that of copper wire generators. The working temperature of aluminium wire generators is much higher than that of copper wire generators.