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Home » NEWS » FAQ » Automobile generator regulator has a purpose
Automobile generator regulator has a purpose
} Time:2017-05-25 06-44-43

The automotive generator regulator mainly uses the change of contacts to control and keep the voltage of the generator constant to stabilize the generating capacity of the generator. Because the speed of the automotive engine is not fixed, and the generator is driven by the engine, in order to stabilize the electricity generated by the generator at about 14.0v, it is necessary to regulate the internal magnetic field and electricity of the generator. When the speed is low, the regulating current is large, and when the speed is high, the regulating current is small, so that the generator can output stably.

It can be divided into three types: contact voltage regulator, transistor voltage regulator and integrated circuit voltage regulator. Because the most commonly used automotive generators are generally integral alternators, regulators are integrated circuit regulators.