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Automotive starter common faults
} Time:2017-05-25 06-44-12

When the automobile starter breaks down, it is very troublesome. Once the breakdown occurs, the automobile engine will not work properly. Therefore, it is necessary for customers to understand the common types of breakdowns and troubleshooting methods of the starter, so that they can deal with unexpected situations themselves in the future.

Starter generally has the following kinds of fault phenomena: starter does not turn, starter idles, starter's inability to turn and starter's abnormal noise, etc. Generally, there are fewer batteries, loosened connection poles, starter excitation coil, armature coil burned out, regulator burned out, one-way clutch damaged, bearing damaged and other common causes of starter. It is affected by many factors to exclude whether starter can work normally. There are many forms of failure, some need to be overhauled and adjusted, others need to be replaced. The following are some common faults, the main reasons and inspection contents are introduced.

First, start the ignition switch to start gear, starter without rotation sign. At this time, the lights should be checked first. If normal, the following inspections should be carried out.

1. Check whether the ignition switch can turn on the starting circuit, whether the connection between the ignition switch and the starter disconnector is reliable, whether the relay is damaged, whether the contact is seriously ablated, etc.

2 check whether the magnetic switch contact of the starter is ablated or misadjusted and affect the circuit conduction. When checking the light, if it is very dim, the following checks should be carried out: 1. Check whether the connection between the battery pile head and the wire is reliable, and whether the voltage is normal. 2 internal fault of starter. Such as serious short circuit, rotor hairpin and so on. 3 the engine has too much resistance to card or operation.

Two, starter rotation and engine does not turn, commonly known as "idling". At this time, the clutch bottom shell can be opened to check the condition of the starter turning. If the gear of the starter can mesh with the flywheel gear ring, the reasons may be:

1 is the starter one-way meshing damage, should be overhauled or replaced;

The 2 is that the flywheel gear ring interference is too small, and the gear ring turns on the flywheel. In this regard, we should add anti rotation screw or replace the new gear ring and check whether the interference amount meets the requirements. If the starter gear can't mesh with the flywheel gear ring, check the timing of adjusting the travel of the mesher or turning on the power supply by the magnetic switch.