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Home » NEWS » FAQ » Automotive starter is how to effectively work?
Automotive starter is how to effectively work?
} Time:2017-05-25 06-42-48

The armature of automobile starter adopts high temperature enameled wire. Resistance welding guarantees high speed operation of armature. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, large torque, quick start, low power consumption, good cold start and high reliability. Then how can the car starter work effectively?

The starter can be battery electric energy into mechanical energy, starting the engine drives the engine flywheel to achieve. Generally speaking, the starter uses three components to achieve the whole starting process. The introduction of DC motor current from the battery and starter drive gear motion; the transmission mechanism will drive gear into the flywheel ring gear, and can automatically disengages from the engine after starting off; by an electromagnetic switch to control the starter circuit. The motor starter is a main component of internal transformation process, based on the Ampere law of energy and its working principle is that we in the junior middle school physics in touch, the electrical conductor in a magnetic field force effect. The motor includes necessary armature, commutator, magnetic pole, brush, bearing and shell.

The working principle of starter is mainly these, hope the above information to help you can, more information about auto starter, will continue to organize, hope that we can help.